Imagine a world populated by all kinds of devices, each one specialised in doing something to help you. Those devices would be all around you, in every aspect of your life. You would have some at home, helping you with different house chores. Others would help you at work, to be more productive, to make better decisions. Or they would just help create a relaxed ambiance when you take a break.

That is the technological utopia that some people are dreaming of, while others are scared to shivers by it. History taught us that each new type of technology is…

If you are like most people, you get simply paralysed by the thought of someday dying. Yet death can inspire you greatly if you learn to accept it and let it fuel your passions. Some people avoid to even think about dying, getting busy and ignoring the fact that it will inevitably happen someday. But this subject will come up inevitably, at old age. So why not get it sorted out right now?

This article will teach you how to accept and embrace death. Let it energise your life and give new focus to your everyday actions. All of this…

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How many industrial companies take cybersecurity seriously when creating their equipment? You would think all of them do that, right? Wrong.

Most companies allocate most resources on productivity and assuring that their equipment has little or no downtime. Few of them ever take the problem of securing their devices seriously. Some even keep their devices disconnected from any outside source, limiting their capabilities to make sure they are secure.

There is, however, a way to make sure that your devices are safe from any malicious intent. …

Do you believe everyone is a good fit to work as part of a startup? If that is the case, you may want to rethink that idea. Only one bad person on a wrong position can spell disaster. If you have more than one of those types of people, you may want to say goodbye to your plans of building a business.

In this article you will learn what kind of people you should completely avoid when hiring for your startup.

Do you believe Westworld brains are so far away from reality? That they are only a work of complete fiction, with no base in reality? If that is the case continue reading and you will find more about an extremely interesting and new field of science. The science of building artificial brains: neuromorphic computing.

From nature to technology — the human brain

Humanity has always looked out in nature for inspiration. Most of our technology is inspired by mechanisms that are already working in nature. We just took those mechanisms and built our own devices in their image. We did not imitate nature exactly, but rather modified the…

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Everyone in the field of Artificial Intelligence knows what neural networks are. And most practitioners know the huge processing power and energy consumption needed to train pretty much any noteworthy neural network. That is to say, for the field to develop further, a new type of hardware is needed.

Some experts consider that the quantum computer is that hardware. But even though it holds great promise, quantum computing is a technology that will take many decades to develop. Physics theories are not yet mature enough to enable the development of useful and cost-efficient devices.

Neuromorphic computing, on the other hand…

Almost everyone has heard about Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), be it by watching movies like Ex-Machina, A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, The Terminator, etc., reading books like the masterpieces written by Isaac Asimov, or having specialized training in the field. Not many know what Artificial Intelligence is and isn’t in reality, and the lack of knowledge usually breeds fear and contempt. Also, this lack of knowledge makes investors pour billions of dollars in almost useless technologies that are beautifully dressed up by their marketing departments.

This article is meant to inform common people, investors and anyone interested, about what Artificial Intelligence…

Stefan Pircalabu

Passionate about biologically inspired algorithms and hardware. Chief Technology Officer at CyberSwarm, Inc.

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